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Our Group Of Companies deals in foodstuff trading for over two decades now. Over time the company has diversified from hard core meat trading to import of frozen meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh , frozen fish plus on the other side ,it also deals in and even manufactures premium gifts items and gift accessories.

Hi FoodStuff Trading

Over time through the primary business and subsidiary company M/s Hi foodstuff Trading, the group has diversified from hard-core fresh food trading and distribution to various other perishable items like import of frozen meat, specialized fresh & organic fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen fish and various other edible products as per the market requirements.

Kreative Merchandise Trading & Export

Another strategic stage of our expansion occurred when our group through the incorporation of a new member company, M/s Kreative Merchandise Trading & Export ventured into distribution of non-perishable items for the UAE and GCC market. Our non-perishable product portfolio comprises of more than 500 items, including souvenirs, premiums & accessories, showcase and display decorative, wrapping papers, gift baskets, party favors, specially designed gift items for newborn babies, wicker storage chest, assorted paper-board, gift boxes, artificial flowers, trays (steel and wooden), decorative stands, designer glassware, crystal accessories, packing material and tapes, gift cards, balloons, ribbons, soft toys, fresh flower arrangement accessories and many others.

With such unique and diversified style of operation and a myriad product range, our distribution channel enjoys a special competitive edge and one of its kind solutions which very few companies would offer in this region.

Bymaa Laboratories

In the year 2014, a focal point of the group’s development and diversification strategy was witnessed with the decision to invest in the business of Healthcare by acquiring a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, M/s Bymaa Laboratories Pvt Ltd in the state of Pondicherry, India. This company is involved in manufacture and supply of generic medications covering major therapeutic areas, such as Analgesics, Antipyretic, Antispasmodics, Antidiarrheal, Anti-allergic, Anti-diabetic, Diuretics, Antipsychotics, Antibiotics, Corticosteroids, Cardiovascular drugs, Vitamin B complex, Multivitamins and others in a variety of solid oral dosage forms. Our state-of-the-art WHO GMP certified manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce over 600 million tablets and 500 million capsules per annum on just a single shift basis. Our plant also boosts a sophisticated DM (De-mineralized) water plant, highly advanced 3600 sqft in-house laboratory dedicated for Quality Control including a specialized area for Microbiology.

Apart from working on fresh registrations for export markets and FRND studies on upcoming patent releasing formulations, Bymaa offers its products and services to marketing companies, drug wholesalers, retail drug chains, distributors, and government agencies in all states of India – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Gujarat and Maharastra.


Our group achieved another significant milestone by entering into the Retail industry through the inauguration of the first branch of a chain of boutique butcheries; MeatNMore in 2016. Unique and first of its kind in the region, MeatNMore is your neighborhood fresh and frozen delicatessen store, aiming to provide end consumers with specially chosen high quality and custom catered meat products. Prioritizing on friendly, dedicated service coupled with the freshest handpicked cuts of meat, our stores are for connoisseurs of meat who can enjoy the exclusivity of browsing through the various cuts of meat themselves or relax and have the very best of our selections delivered right to their door.

MEATNMORE and its team of highly trained artisans endeavor to provide a personal experience for our customers. Our butchers give expert advice regarding the best cuts and marination on our daily selections, making the buying of meat a warm and distinctive encounter. By the end of the year, 2017 MeatNMore is proud to have 3 state of the art, ISO and HACCP certified branches already operational, with several more to become functional in the coming years as part of the group’s retail sector growth and progression plan.

In tandem with our core principles, KMTE group aims to maximize the available opportunities in the future to the fullest. Through utilization of existing resources, knowledge of the industry, clientele base, regional and international contacts and management expertise our goal is to successfully expand our groups’ operations and activities to achieve the status of a responsible conglomerate in the region.

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